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The Nautical Institute aims to promote and co-ordinate nautical studies world-wide by promoting high standards of qualification, competence and knowledge among those on or concerned with the sea. The Institute facilitates the exchange and publication of information and ideas on nautical science and seeks to establish and maintain professional standards.

The Nautical Institute cooperates with government departments and others concerned with qualifications, and with educational institutes and authorities to promote the training and practice of nautical science.

The formation of Nautical Institute Branches and other groupings is actively encouraged.

The Nautical Institute is a thriving international professional body for qualified mariners - over 40 branches world-wide and about 7,000 members in over 110 countries.

Nautical Institute membership is open to all nationalities - in grades appropriate to qualifications. The benefits of joining the Institute are many and include professional recognition; receipt of regular and up-to-date information, eg the monthly magazine SEAWAYS; discounts on Nautical Institute publications, conferences, etc, etc.

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