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Annual General Meeting

The Queensland Branch held its Annual General Meeting on 6 December 2005.  The Branch Chairman, Captain Edgar Gold, reported that the Branch had held four well-attended meetings during the year and that the committee had also met on four occasions.

In March the Branch had supported a very successful maritime security seminar, co-sponsored with the Maritime Law Association of Australia and New Zealand and the Marine and Shipping Law Unit of the University of Queensland.

In July the Branch, co-sponsored an evening meeting with the Company of Master Mariners of Australia (Brisbane), organising speakers who addressed the subject of 'Compulsory pilotage in the Torres Strait'.

On 30 September the Branch co-sponsored an extremely successful World Maritime Day 2005 seminar with the Marine and Shipping Law Unit.  The theme was 'International shipping - carrier of world trade: Australian contributions and interests' and involved 10 expert speakers.

The final activity for the year was held in conjunction with the AGM and consisted of a presentation by Captain Chris Kline MNI on the new NI Queensland Branch website, which had been developed by Captain Kline and Captain John Watkinson FNI.  This site is designed to serve a number of purposes:

  • to provide a broader information linkage for the membership;
  • to provide Branch activities information for the large sector of the Branch membership who are unable to attend meetings due to distance (the Branch encompassess all of Queensland and the Northern Territory); and
  • last but not least, to provide 'outreach' information on seagoing careers to encourage school leavers to consider a maritime career.  This is considered essential in the face of the increasing officer shortage worldwide.

The AGM also received reports on membership and finances, which indicated that the Branch was doing well.  This was followed by a discussion on planned activities for 2006 and it was decided that the Branch should, once again, have four activities during the year.  This would include a joint meeting with the Company of Master Mariners and the co-sponsorship and organisation of World Maritime Day 2006.  It was also hoped that the Branch would develop a regular newsletter and continue its work on human resources (through the new website) and the empowerment of shipmasters.

It was decided to expand the Branch Committee slightly.  The elected 2006 Branch Committee consists of: Captains Peter Liley MNI, Chairman; Iain Steverson FNI, Secretary; Chris Thompson MNI, Treasurer; and Captains Steve Pelecanos FNI, Ernest Van Buuren MNI, Chris Kline MNI and Marcus Barrett, MNI as members.  The outgoing chairman, Captain Edgar Gold FNI, will be an ex-officio member.

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