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The Nautical Institute Queensland Branch is part of a thriving international body of professional mariners. The aim of the organisation is to promote and encourage a high standard of qualification, competence and knowledge for all those involved in seagoing craft, including non-displacement craft.

Membership is open to all nationalities in grades appropriate to qualifications. Currently there are over 80 Branches worldwide with about 7,000 members in over 60 countries. The benefits of being a member of this great Institution are many, which not only include professional recognition but receipt of regular and up-to-date information through the monthly magazine “SEAWAYS”, Branch networking through conferences and seminars. More recently, the Nautical Institute in collaboration with KVH Videotel has introduced online training courses free of charge for NI members.

As a voluntary organisation this Branch provides local professional focus and networking opportunities through technical workshops, social meetings and seminars.

Members are encouraged to be actively involved with Branch activities and non-members are always welcome to join these meetings, workshops and seminars.

For further information check out The Nautical Institute’s website at

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